Oh hey 2015

I’ve always really enjoyed New Year’s. It’s a great time to hit the reset button and start with a clean slate again. I am not entirely sure why that is. I mean it’s technically just another day but here we all are making resolutions that will probably be long forgotten come March. I prefer living in my fantasy world of a New Year brings a new you! hah (so corny) Anyways this year I am particularly psyched because on January 5th I will be starting my new job! Yay big kid things. I can’t wait to get back into a lab doing sciencey things again. Let’s do the normal 2014 recap: Overall it was really awesome the end.

I’ve been thinking really hard what my resolutions should be this year. I would like to make one (maybe two who are we kidding) for each individual aspect of my life.

Lets start with the athlete in me:
I could probably write like 100 things down I would like to accomplish but I am going to narrow it down

1. Do a pull up. (yes just one) I have minimal upper body strength, thanks to my power house legs Ive never really needed it. This is the year I am going to pull my chin above that stupid bar instead of just barely bending my elbows.

2. Hold a yoga headstand. Even if it’s literally for like a second. I am getting pretty awesome at crow pose but I’d really like to work on my yoga. Mostly so people will stare at me at the gym and be like shit look at that girl. (These are the strange things that motivate me)

Along with those two major resolutions I have some minor Half marathon and sprint triathlon goal times I would like to achieve. 🙂

Personal (aka I want to be a better person):
1. Stop being so addicted to games on my phone. Or just my phone in general. Self explanatory. My name is Mauri I have a problem… blahdey blah

1. Be a better girlfriend. Unfortunately the major downside to being an only child I have a hard time not just thinking about myself all the time. At least I can admit it right? I think that’s like step # 1. Although I do a fair share of putting A’s needs first (moving to Alabama) I could do better. He is so amazing and supportive of me, I just want to give some of that back.

Well I think that is it for the most part. Not going to save the world or do anything crazy but I think these will all help me become a better person. That’s what 2015 is all about for me: “How can I be the best version of myself”

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!! Have an amazing 2015!



Flat Belly Challenge


Today was my first day starting the 21 day Flat Belly Challenge from Popsugar. I have been looking for a new motivation to get to the gym after canceling my original plans to do a half marathon at the end of November. The workouts look fun and the cardio workouts will help my running. Plus who doesn’t want a flat belly am i right?!? I started with weighing myself this morning and was actually happily surprised to see the scale read 170.4 Lbs. My plan is too not weigh myself until after the 21 days. I don’t have any goals just to feel better!

I really didn’t feel like going to the gym after work but drug myself there anyways. Man am I glad I did! The first day was an interval treadmill workout. It was really tough but I pushed through and accomplished the entire workout. It felt good to get my legs moving fast and up hills again.

Looking forward to tomorrows plank workout!


I love highlighting things.

Hi my name is Mauri and I am addicted to my budget.

I know a strange addiction but I find myself checking it everyday and starring at it. Just hoping and wishing money will magically appear in it. I was a smidgen bit un-responsible money wise in college. Granted in my defense every summer I worked my ass off lifeguarding because I like having money and nice things. I can’t really ever pinpoint when things started going wrong. It just seemed like I woke up one day with all this debt Small things here and there added up big time. When I graduated from college and got a big kid job I created this fancy spreadsheet. Mostly so I could start living within my means and paying off the massive amount of student loans, car loan and credit card debt I had accumulated. For the most part it has worked out for me really well these past three years. I’ve had some success in getting things paid off and I never have missed a payment or not been able to pay one. Yay me!

But back to the original problem. I am obsessed with it. There are highlights and charts with possible payment plans. The numbers turn green and red based on being under or over budget. It’s some what insane. Especially now that I am minimally contributing to the household income because of my lack of a big kid job. I guess it has become my way to help since I can’t financially like I used to. There’s nothing wrong with being financially responsible and I don’t loose sleep over it or anything. But man do I stare at it. Maybe one day soon money will magically appear in it. Hah.

So there you go now you know a little more about how my crazy mind works. In other news we bought a dinning room table! Yay! I can’t tell you how much more it feels like a home now.

The animals have really been enjoying sunbathing now that the weather is so gorgeous.



Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday.

I am beyond excited to be going back to Ohio today! So excited to share in my friends special day and see him enter a new chapter in his life. He has a very special place in my heart for helping me get out of some dark times in college.

To the Groom:

You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. The joy in your face all the time is enough to make any girl fall in love with you. It’s just a shame you don’t like girls. hah I was swept up in your charm from the very first day you smiled and introduced yourself, when we both had moved in the middle of the year to Hoover hall. We came to find out we had the same major and even some classes together. I will never forget all the late nights studying together, making up songs about animal anatomy and that stupid cat we dissected. We made each other smile when we were down and got through some tough times and relationships together. Even though we are far apart now I know you will always be there for me and I hope you know I am always here for you. I am very proud of the wonderful doctor you have become. You brought me up when I was down and I’ll always love you for that. I am beyond ecstatic that you found your person. There is no one who deserves it more.  I hope you bring each other up when one is down. Fight for what you have if one feels lost. Be patient and kind with one another. Never forget what brought you together in the first place. I wish you both all the love and happiness in the world and can’t wait to celebrate your special day together.



Alabama Plague Part Deux

Hello All.

Today I opened our windows and it was amazing. I am currently recuperating from what I have fondly named the Alabama plague part deux. Which has been an excellent round two of fevers, swollen lymph nodes and all around lazing in bed all day. I decided to go to the doctors in a mission to kill all germs hoarding in my body. Man did I succeed! The lovely nurse practitioner gave me two shots of antibiotics and steroids in my hip and sent me packing with three prescriptions. Now two days later I feel amazing! My energy is back up and all symptoms of the plague are gone. YAY!

A few weeks ago team A & M (andy & mauri) started training for the Magic City half Marathon this November. Man has it been a struggle. The heat and humidity down here is terrible for training. I have been lucky to hobble my way through three miles lately. Today the weather has seemed to break and I am hoping for some easier runs in the future.

The one positive note on running is that with very generous gifts from my family for my birthday I have purchased a GPS watch! I have only been able to use it once because of the plague but I absolutely love it. After a lot of research I ended up going with the Tomtom multisport. It’s great for triathletes on a budget and can measure distance and heart rate for all three sports. I am really hoping to up my game this year with some heart rate training.

Side life update I have started a second job at Pier 1 on top of babysitting. Still looking for my next career move but in the mean time this will help our income tremendously! Now that we have money coming in I should be able to start my long list of projects around the apartment. Super excited!

I am going to do a lovely post on Paleo in the near future but to hold you over till then here is my favorite recipe so far!
Apple Streusel Egg Muffins!
This recipe is courtesy of Diane Sanfilippo from her book practical Paleo. The recipe is super easy and delicious and her website is filled with great paleo advice!


Here we go…

I have been contemplating for about a month now what I actually wanted to start blogging about. I have so many interests and things happening in my life right now a straight direction has been near impossible to pin down. I have decided to focus on three things: my new home in Alabama (ekkk), my new adventures in clean eating (double eeekk) and training for triathlons. So let me start at the beginning:


Roughly a year ago my life changed forever. I had just gone through a really rough year of ending a long-term relationship and figuring out who I wanted to be as this new single person. I ran my first half marathon and lost about 40 lbs of extra weight.



At the end of a fairly disastrous summer of dating I met Andy on match. My faith in men had been restored and after a whirl wind first month I knew he was the one for me. On our very first date I was informed that in the upcoming summer Andy would be moving to a new city to finish his Phd program. I was really nervous about this but decided to proceed with the relationship since it was going so well! About three months later he asked me if I would move with him to wherever this new city was going to be. I of course said YES! So here we are 8 months later living in Birmingham, Alabama.

I have never lived outside of Ohio before but so far I am loving the experience of discovering a new city!


My family has been bugging me about pictures of the new apartment so here they are. Let’s all remember the place is still a work in progress!


The dinning room which is currently being used as bike storage!


Emmy really enjoys the patio with my beautiful herbs and tomatoes that are finally growing.


Master bath with double sinks! and the biggest tub ever. This is what really sold me on the apartment.


Master bedroom. I am planning on reupholstering the headboard and painting the dresser a nice grey color.


The spare bedroom/ our office/ disaster zone. I promise at some point it will be ready to receive guests.


The spare bathroom or as I like to call it the cats bathroom. I cleverly did not include the litter box in this picture. Hah

IMG_3875 IMG_3876

Two pictures of our living room very spacious hoping when I get a job we can purchase a coffee table and a dinning room table.


That’s all I have so far. I will soon be posting about my Race medal holder we made that is currently at a stand still because of some hook errors.