I love highlighting things.

Hi my name is Mauri and I am addicted to my budget.

I know a strange addiction but I find myself checking it everyday and starring at it. Just hoping and wishing money will magically appear in it. I was a smidgen bit un-responsible money wise in college. Granted in my defense every summer I worked my ass off lifeguarding because I like having money and nice things. I can’t really ever pinpoint when things started going wrong. It just seemed like I woke up one day with all this debt Small things here and there added up big time. When I graduated from college and got a big kid job I created this fancy spreadsheet. Mostly so I could start living within my means and paying off the massive amount of student loans, car loan and credit card debt I had accumulated. For the most part it has worked out for me really well these past three years. I’ve had some success in getting things paid off and I never have missed a payment or not been able to pay one. Yay me!

But back to the original problem. I am obsessed with it. There are highlights and charts with possible payment plans. The numbers turn green and red based on being under or over budget. It’s some what insane. Especially now that I am minimally contributing to the household income because of my lack of a big kid job. I guess it has become my way to help since I can’t financially like I used to. There’s nothing wrong with being financially responsible and I don’t loose sleep over it or anything. But man do I stare at it. Maybe one day soon money will magically appear in it. Hah.

So there you go now you know a little more about how my crazy mind works. In other news we bought a dinning room table! Yay! I can’t tell you how much more it feels like a home now.

The animals have really been enjoying sunbathing now that the weather is so gorgeous.




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